How to get there?


1. Coming from the Metro Manila area you take SLEX and take the Santa Rosa Exit in the direction of Tagaytay

2. Upon reaching the end of the Santa Rosa Road which is the start of the Tagaytay Road turn right and follow the road all the way to Nasugbu

3. Upon reaching KM, reading 92 you will be looking for an intersection wherein you will make an extreme right turn in the direction of Nasugbu town proper.

4. After making a right turn you will pass a bridge and the road straightens out in the direction of Nasugbu. You will also pass a sugar central on the left and about four hundred meters after the sugar central you will come to a crossing (Shell station) on the left and you will be turning right in the direction of Nasugbu

5. From the turn Nasugbu town proper is about three km away and you keep going straight following the main road till you pass the Nasugbu town proper entering into the town of Wawa and following the road till you come to a dead end in the Wawa road and you turn right.

6. At this point you are 7 km from Tali, you will follow the road which is uphill and you will pass the following entrances to various resorts White Cove on your left, Kawayan Cove on your left, Terrazas de Punta Fuego on your left, Munting Buhangin on your left, Maya- Maya on your left and after passing the entrance of the road leading to Maya-Maya & approximately four hundred meters thereafter you will come to a fork and you will see a white guard house on the left and that is the Main Entrance to Tali Beach.